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What Must I Know?

Without extras or background performers to fill up the scenes, movies just wouldn’t look right. As an extra, you play a pivotal role in any TV series’ or movies’ realism. Without you, situations and events appear staged, therefore failing to capture even the shallowest of audiences.

Signing up as a background performer gives you the chance to experience movies behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. We sign you up with the top casting agencies that have acquired major movie and TV contracts. As an extra, you work closely with the third assistant director to make scenes look natural and believable. Your third AD is your guide. He or she will assign you background actions to perform. Such actions include:

• Pretending to talk
• Driving across a scene
• Dancing
• Eating and Drinking
• Walking, etc.

Extras are called in to work based on profiles founded on age and look, therefore, if you don’t fit the profile, you will not be called for that particular production.

Oftentimes, you are not alone. In fact, hundreds and sometimes thousands of extras are required for Hollywood blockbusters. Being an extra not only allows you to watch well-known celebrities work their magic, but you also get to rub shoulders with an incredible vastness of people with similar interests, from all walks of the entertainment industry.

After signing up with Torontoextras.com, agents call you directly when they need you. If you don’t get a call, you’re not scheduled to work. Typically, agents call you anywhere between a month to a day in advance to give you your shooting schedule. It pays to be flexible.

If you aren’t a member an actor’s union such as ACTRA or UDA, you will make $10 per hour. Sometimes, when there are few extras on the set, you may be paid a $15 hourly wage by way of a UDA Contract. If you work 24 days and collect your ACTRA vouchers, you will be entitled to apply to become an ACTRA extra.

Shoots usually last 12 to 15 hours on any typical day, and catered meals, wardrobe, make-up, and hair styling are all included most of the time.

Why does Torontoextras.com charge a fee?  

  1. The membership fee you pay helps cover the costs of developing, hosting and maintaining an increasingly complex site.

  2. The team at Torontoextras.com is only interested in members who are seriously interested in being background performers, part-time or otherwise.  By charging a minimal fee, we ensure that those members who do sign up will do their best to be available when a casting agent contacts them.

  3. We are a zero-commission service.  Any earnings a member collects from working as a background performer is theirs to keep in its entirety.

  4. Only the casting agents and agencies that pass our requirements are given free access to the database to ensure your personal information is only handled by industry professionals.

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